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Why Choose Maykus Homes


Using proven building strategies Maykus Homes will help your family consume less energy and create a home free of health and safety hazards.

Operating efficiency and safety are part of the process from the beginning; each plan goes through an extensive review with engineers and energy experts.

advance framing image

Advanced framing is a method of building for meeting energy code requirements by maximizing space for cavity insulation and minimizing the potential for voids.  By installing fewer framing members there is better insulation coverage and creating a tighter more efficient building envelope.  This also reduces the opportunity for pollutants to enter the home through voids.

air filter

Breathe easier knowing we use a HVAC system that removes 98% of pollen and mold spores, 95% of dust, and 89% of bacteria.  We also offer an additional air purification system for a small fee for those looking for something more.

zip wall

Quality materials and proper installation of your roof, windows, and plumbing are vital to creating a healthy home.  Keeping the weather, water, and pollutants out of your home is a big step in creating a safe indoor environment. 


LED lighting operates at a lower temperature than other bulbs and uses less power to generate light making them safer while reducing energy costs.  LED bulbs can emit extremely bright light and are more reliable and durable than other lighting options.

foam insulation

Foam Insulation is just one way we give you an energy efficient home.  Foam can reach cracks and crevices reducing the opportunity for allergens, bugs, or small rodents to enter your home.  Foam also adds to the strength and sturdiness of your home and offers noise reduction from the outside.

termite pre-treat to avoid this

A pest free home is important for the health of your home and all of your loved ones.  Prior to the slab being poured we pre-treat for termites.  

Maykus Homes Testimonial Oak Bend/ snomageddon 2021
Testimonial for Maykus Homes Snowmageddon 2021

Blower door tests are performed to determine to what degree a home is airtight. 

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